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Our first meeting will be mainly about education, going over local industry norms, answering general real estate questions, debunking real estate myths, and ultimately find out if we will work well together. Overall, during our first meeting, I seek to understand what drives your potential purchase of real property. If we decide that we are not the best fit for each other you will still gain powerful knowledge that will hopefully help you along your journey. I  will try to turn every conversation into another valuable tip or lesson if you're a first-time buyer. This will allow you to contemplate the most crucial aspects of the transaction at the most appropriate time. This industry isn't rocket science; however, you need an agent with a great deal of intuition and experience to guide you through the more difficult parts of the transaction process, someone who can close on a deal that you must have or steer you away from a property that you may be in love with today but presents multiple red flags. It's my goal to see you with a property you're happy with and, more importantly, a property that you fully understand.


Working with income investors and playing with the number is my favorite type of transaction. For any first-time buyer reading this, it's my goal to get you to this point. Renting out property for positive cash flow, and obtaining the highest cap rate possible is the goal. Some properties will bring in a large-cap rate with heavy management needs while others are less needy and may see a higher rate of appreciation. I seek to understand what type of income property fits your needs and determine if you should be the first person I call when a great opportunity pops up on my radar. No funny business here. Great income properties don't last long on the market or never hit the market and I make calls to buyers that are honest about their goals or work with me on a verbal commitment. Some of the best income deals I've done bring in a cap rate significantly higher than the subject area average. Knowledge, relationships, and reputation are some of the main reasons you want me on your side.

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