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When sellers decide to list their property with Theseus Real Estate, they are enlisting a sophisticated and calculated go-getter company with a proven track record for raising clients' eyebrows. Statistics is one of the main tools we use to help our sellers surpass their goals. Sales data is important for obvious reasons. However, taking that information and processing it properly makes us stand out more than any other company. For example: What is the current psychologic state of the buyers currently making serious offers on the properties around your home?; What is the general public sentiment of your micro market?; Or, what dates do you plan to bring your property to the market? Knowing the answers to why we ask these types of questions helps you understand our strategy and ultimately helps us point your listing in the right direction. 


During a listing appointment with one of our agents, you will learn more about our deductive analytic approach to marketing and selling real estate for top dollar. Every new piece of information must be taken into consideration. Paying attention to detail is directly related to arduous work. When you bring all these strategies together into one cohesive plan, you start to understand why some homes sell for much higher than anyone could ever imagine. Call us today to set up a listing appointment. 415.728.4953

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