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Easton S. Thodos

The Founder of Theseus Real Estate

Easton Thodos is truly dedicated to providing exceptional, professional and comprehensive real estate services to his valued clients.  His trusted counsel, acute discretion and thorough and competent representation is highly valued.  As a native to the peninsula, he is intimately connected with San Francisco and San Mateo Counties. He offers a more insightful assessment into the current trends of the city’s and peninsula’s real estate market.  In serving his clientele seeking to find their dream home or sell their special residence, Easton specializes in Residential, Luxury and Condominium Properties together with Developer Services. 

Whether it’s working with first time buyers, reviewing the technical points of the transaction, structuring a 1031 Exchange or conducting further research to disclose all facts that may affect or influence a property; Easton is extremely diligent in seeing that his clients’ needs are thoroughly attended to.  Highly knowledgeable of the entitlement process and regulatory elements, he is exceedingly diligent in protecting his client’s interest.  When working with sellers, Easton designs a listing consultation that utilizes professionally produced photography, refined staging serves and a presentation in print and on numerous internet sites.  He accurately addresses each critical issue to protect and achieve the targeted sales value of their property and is recognized for his skill in securing full price and above asking price offers. With a sophisticated, consultative approach, Easton carefully listens and takes the time to educate his buyers and sellers on current market conditions as well as evaluate and prioritize their goals so that he may find a home that meets their lifestyle requirements.  He is highly skilled in helping his clients realize more equity by implementing effective measures that will benefit his sellers at the time of selling and/or position his buyers for resale in the future. 

Easton’s clients trust in his integrity, valued guidance and highly personal and diligent approach. His clients find him to be very thorough in providing constant communication and extremely attentive, accessible and responsive. He is always quick in establishing an excellent working relationship with the cooperating listing or selling agent in order to arrive at the best terms and is masterful at finding creative and equitable solutions.  Easton ultimately ensures that each client receives an exceptional real estate experience in his efforts to accomplish and make their real estate dreams come true!  


Contact Easton to serve you and your personal real estate interests.

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